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ACI won an award for the PEK
Casino Journal announced the Winners on April 13, 2011. 






Dear Customer,

At ACI our primary goal is to provide you, the casino operator, with state-of - the-art-solutions that solve your problems, better your bottom line and make your job easier with new ways to:

Get Your Customers Playing, Keep Them Playing
and Bring Them Back!

What makes our company remarkable is our long history of casino industry innovation and engineering excellence. Since our founding ACI has focused only on the casino industry. We put our deep understanding of the casino industry to work in:

Identifying casino industry bottlenecks and problems that hurt your bottom line Innovating solutions that add to your bottom line by:

  • Speeding players to the floor
  • Driving patrons to revenue producing activities
  • Eliminating your patron's wait in lines
  • Enhancing your opportunities to market to your customers and
  • Reducing your capital expenditures
Through our innovative research and development programs, we continually develop new solutions and new products to meet your ever changing needs. ACI's cost-effective solutions are engineered for a wide variety of casino industry settings, from Las Vegas style casinos to the 20 slot machine local bar. This means ACI has a solution just right for you.

ACI is your efficiency expert eliminating lines, speeding up processing times, and enhancing your marketing efforts, all to enable you to do what you do best: Making your customers happy spending their entertainment dollars in your casino.

Our latest solutions, kiosks, software and wireless units are sure to meet your needs for:

  • TITO Redemption Solutions
  • ATM and Cash Advance
  • Player Club Enrollment
  • Player Club Card Reissuance
  • Player Club Points Redemptions
  • Marketing
  • Empowering your Casino Ambassadors

At ACI we strive to engineer, manufacture and distribute solutions of only the highest quality with the highest benefit to cost ratio of any competitive products on the market. Our success continues to depend on you, the customer. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions on your needs. Our engineers and customer relationship managers would love to hear from you so we can make your life easier and more profitable.

Bob Deinarowicz, CEO