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ACI won an award for the PEK
Casino Journal announced the Winners on April 13, 2011. 






ACI is committed to providing an unsurpassed level of customer service to our valued clients. To ensure that we obtain this goal we have opened a technical support office in Arizona and are currently in the process of opening a high-tech showroom, technical support office and customer service center in America's gaming capital: Las Vegas.

From the moment our kiosks are installed we offer detailed on-site training for all security, cage and slot attendants. We also provide seminars for marketing and accounting personnel so they can maximize the full-potential of the cutting edge ACI kiosks. Following the initial training period ACI offers our in-house customer support system which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no blackouts. There are no holidays. When you need help we are there with our highly trained staff of experts who are familiar with casino protocol and the myriad security issues of the gaming industry. Additionally, our staff is sophisticated enough to recognize and appropriately address the differences between casino and banking environments. Regardless of your service needs, we have the resources to meet them.

In addition to service needs, ACI is also pleased to offer comprehensive maintenance programs and software update agreements which cover all the necessary service, maintenance and software needs that might arise over the course of operating ACI's kiosks.

SOS: Support Order System
ACI is pleased to offer a first in industry SOS level of support. We have developed our Support Order System in order to simplify the customer service process. It allows us to safely, securely and easily share documents and information with our key customers, partners and distributors using a simple web based interface. Real time tracking and reporting provide valuable business intelligence to all parties.

Customers log in to the ACI SOS where they have a wealth of options available to them. The customer can access everything from troubleshooting guides, technical specs, user manuals, tech tips and available software updates. Also, should they require technical support, the customer can initiate a support request. Customer requests for support become Support Order Sheets which, from the initial request, become a comprehensive record of all the information created during each support activity; a valuable resource that is always available to ACI clients.

In addition to offering a wealth of resources and support, the ACI SOS also serves as means for streamlining communication between ACI and its valued clients. It is a prime example of our commitment to making the most of the customer service experience

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