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ACI won an award for the PEK
Casino Journal announced the Winners on April 13, 2011. 





Player Relationship Solutions

ACI's Player Relationship Solutions alert you to your players' presence, reach them over seamless touch points and reintroduce the human element into your casino's automated systems, all to improve your ability to keep your players happy and bring them back.

ACI's integrated player relationship tools function from the valet to the table to create new and streamlined opportunities for the casino to improve the overall player experience and provide an unprecedented level of customer service.

Includes card reissuance, club enrollment, bus greeting, group event enrollment, player watch list, player hot list, off site player program enrollment, casino ambassador program, jackpot timer, slot service timer and more.

Service and Support
ACI is committed to providing you our valued client with top notch customer service and training. Training is key to getting the most out of any technology. From the moment our kiosks are installed we provide detailed onsite training for your security, cage and slot attendants. We provide training seminars for your marketing and accounting personnel so they can maximize the full potential of the cutting edge ACI solutions. Following the initial training, ACI provides 24/7/365 days a year support. There are no blackouts. There are no holidays.When you need help ACI is there with our highly trained staff - experts on the ACI technology solutions and fluent in the myriad complexities of casino protocol and the gaming industry.

Regulatory/GLI Approval
ACI is a fully approved casino vendor. Our solutions have been approved by GLI and the gaming labs in every jurisdiction that has tested them. Regulators have approved ACI's technology solutions coast to coast from New Jersey to Washington State and in multiple states in between.

Gaming Licenses
If you are in a jurisdiction where ACI has not yet entered- don't worry. We routinely file for new licenses in new jurisdictions for new customers upon the inking of a contract. We are is fast and efficient in getting the regulators what they need to issue their approvals and get you up and running.