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ACI won an award for the PEK
Casino Journal announced the Winners on April 13, 2011. 






All the promises in the world mean nothing if your ticket redemption kiosk is not up and performing. So what kind of performance can you expect from ACI once the unit is on the floor and in use?

ACI's "up time" experience in live performance on the gaming floor, the percent of the time during the gaming day that the unit is "up" and running breaking bills and redeeming tickets, has exceeded Ninety Five Percent (95%+) and that includes the "down time" of loading the unit with tickets and money* . We can not only make this claim, we can back it up.

*Actual performance on your gaming floor may vary. While we believe this performance is achievable for all casinos, there are of course variations in performance. But you always have our Unconditional Performance Guaranty. In the words of our Aussie friends: "No worries mate".