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ACI won an award for the PEK
Casino Journal announced the Winners on April 13, 2011. 






ACI currently produces two lines of kiosks for use in casinos: the ACE and ATR. The ACE features include coin counting, bill breaking, ticket processing, and bill and coin dispensing. The ATR features include bill breaking, ticket processing, and bill and coin dispensing. Our kiosks are designed to improve customer services on the casino floor by satisfying patron needs, to facilitate slot play, to interact directly with casino promotions and to cash out winnings while, at the same time, supporting the casino's goals for improved productivity and lower operational costs.

Features by Product Line
Feature ACE ATR
Coin Counting X  
Bill Breaking X X
Ticket Processing X X
Bill & Coin Dispensing X X
ADA ATM Compliant X X
Floor Footprint 44" w x 40" d 26" w x 29" d

The ACE seemlessly integrates both token redemption and ticket processing in one state-of-the-art unit.

Both the ACE and ATR are manufactured with proven casino industry components and software from such industry standards as Diebold, JCM, Asahi-Seiko, Intel, Microsoft, 3M and Citizen. Before being selected each component is subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation by ACI's team of engineers to ensure that it is the best available component on the market. Once selected, ACI then integrates all components into our customized operating software in a compact frame that reliably interfaces with a wide-variety of ticketing software systems.

In the gaming industry there are four primary ticket system providers: IGT, Bally Gaming, Aristocrat and Konami. ACI provides software that is carefully tailored to efficiently interface the ACE and ATR with all four of these primary systems.

The ACI kiosks, however, are not limited to ticket and coin functions. To serve the non-ticket redemption needs of future buyers, either casino or otherwise, ACI has developed upgrades that can allow the existing ATR to process transactions via credit cards, smart cards, EFT/AFT, vouchers/coupons, ATM functions and even finger print recognition. Such upgrades allow ACI customers to keep up with the changing times without being forced to heavily reinvest in their IT infrastructure.