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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does ACI stack up against the competition?

A: Since ACI began marketing its ATR kiosk in October 2004 we have won Seventy Five Percent Plus (75%+) of our head-to-head comparisons with, among others: NRT, Western Money, TDN, Glory, Cummins and G&D.

Q: Our company needs a product that will handle high transaction loads. Are the ACI kiosks the right products for our needs?

A: ACI’s ticket redemption kiosks are doing, on average, more than 1,500 transactions a day. At one casino, Casino Arizona, they are averaging 2,200 transactions a day for ticket redemption and bill breaking.

Q: Can ACI kiosks be tied into my back office systems?

A: ACI is GLI approved and interfaces with the following back office systems:

State Date Approved Tix System Recipients
Connecticut 4/16/04 ACI v.2.0.1 ACSC v.3.1.5 The Tribes and State of Connecticut
California 7/12/04 ACI v. ACSC v.3.1.5 All Tribes that adopted standards
California 7/21/04 ACI v.2.0.1 IGT EZ-Pay 1.6x All Tribes that adopted standards
Arizona   ACI Bally SDS  
California 12/16/04 ACI v. Oasis 11.5.x All Tribes that adopted standards
Iowa 12/23/04 ACI v. Konami v1.3.1.9 Iowa Gaming & Racing Commission  
Iowa 12/23/04 ACI v. Konami v1.3.1.9 Various Tribes with Compacts in Iowa
Iowa 12/28/04 ACI v. Oasis 11.5.x Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission
Iowa 12/28/04 ACI v. Oasis 11.5.x Various Tribes with Compacts in Iowa
Arizona 12/28/04 ACI v. Oasis 11.5.x All Tribes in Arizona
New Mexico 12/28/04 ACI v. Oasis 11.5.x All Tribes in New Mexico & the New Mexico Gaming Control Board
* Nevada 5/2005 Konami Jailhouse Casino, Ely Nevada
Q: What makes ACI stand out from its competitors?
A: ACI is the ‘can do’ kiosk company. When our customers demand ‘industry firsts’ we respond:

  • First ticket redemption kiosk manufacturer to develop a ticket kiosk interface with Konami Forcise that is GLI approved and the first to offer Player Point to Comp with Konami Forcise.
  • First to offer the Unconditional Performance Guarantee
  • First to offer Custom Enclosures
  • ACI offers customer specific customized reporting, including open source access to back of house accounting and reporting tables. Data files can be manipulated in Excel, SQL and Access to provide tailored reports and analysis tools.
  • First to offer streaming video for marketing purposes.
  • First in industry SOS level of support. Our web-based Support Order System simplifies the customer service process.
  • Leader in all performance standards with the highest reliability, dependability and workmanship in a kiosk.
Q: I think my situation is unique. Can ACI customize my kiosk to meet my needs?

A: In a word, yes. Here are three reasons why ACI is the quality leader in customization:

  • Software development
    ACI proudly develops all software and source code in-house. This allows ACI to respond quickly and efficiently to specific client requests and keep up with rapidly developing regulatory standards.
  • Manufacturing
    ACI proudly manufactures all kiosks in the United States. All of our manufacturing is performed by our exclusive manufacturer, Fabricated Components, located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. FabCom operates out of a 90,000 square foot facility equipped with computer controlled presses, punches, CNC machines, laser welders, sophisticated assembly lines. There are also CAD/CAM engineering services on site.
  • Simplicity in design
    At ACI we emphasize the use of proven componentry with which casinos are already familiar and comfortable. Our vendors are industry leaders, companies like Diebold, JCM, Mars Electric, Asahi Seiko among others. Proven components engineered into a rigorously tested product yield greater comfort and satisfaction for the customer.
Q: Why is ACI not yet on the Vegas Strip?

A: Prior to October 2004 ACI had no formal marketing and sales infrastructure and no sales representatives in Nevada. Further, ACI’s sales philosophy was very much laissez-faire. ACI responded to opportunities where potential customers sought us out, not where ACI sought them out. This was very much an introspective engineering approach which dovetailed with ACI’s strategy of coming to market with a product that works. While our competitors rushed to market we fine-tuned our kiosks until we had a product, the ATR, with industry leading performance.

With ticket redemption products that are guaranteed to work, with our capital infusion and with our new management ACI has evolved into a professional engineering and development company with an industry proven sales and marketing department. We are now intent on marketing, demonstrating and selling our ATR kiosk to the leading gaming companies on the Strip.

We are confident that we will soon make a beachhead on the Strip to go along with our current nationwide presence.