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ACI won an award for the PEK
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Cash Access Solutions

ACI's integrated cash access solutions rapidly and efficiently put cash into your players' hands and keep them playing. ACI's sleek and state-of - the-art multifunctional equipment provides all standard cash access services- including ticket redemption, ATM, credit card cash advance, check cashing, and bill break- all while preserving floor space, enhancing customer recognition, and improving the player experience.

In addition, ACI's innovative hardware and software solutions offer new and exciting options that streamline casino operations and enhance all player/casino interactions.

Cash Access Innovations

ACI's innovative cash access solutions include:

Flex Fee - Dynamically set ATM fees to reward and incentivize player club enrollment, participation and to drive interest in special events.

Coinless Ticket Redemption Solution - Reduces operational overhead of the ticket redemption solution by removing coin from the system and drives play by paying only in playable denominations.

Fast Feed Feature - Automatically allows player to redeem multiple tickets at once while eliminating the risk of user error, reducing player wait time and getting players back on the floor.

Jackpot Processing - Dramatically improves jackpot processing using handheld devices and automated systems to administer jackpot payout and tax compliance,while rapidly returning both the machine and player to play.

Employee Bank Management - Uses kiosks, handhelds, and software to automatically pay out, monitor and manage employee bank/purse funds to reduce overhead and risk of theft and loss.